proper shower

How to take a proper shower, tips

It would seem – what wisdom can there be in such a simple procedure as taking a shower? It turns out that most people, including you and me, very often make common mistakes – and then are surprised by the appearance of irritation and dermatitis. Experts say that if you follow a few fairly simple rules and shower properly, most problems can be avoided.

Never use hot water in the shower

Lying in hot bath water is always nice – it relaxes the muscles and clears the mind. But a shower is another matter. In the case of a bath, the water warms the skin but does not strip it of its important natural protective layer, while the pressure jets of water wash it away and destroy it. The result of washing away the lipid barrier is dryness, various types of flaking and irritation. Then we rub vigorously with a towel – and the skin is left completely defenseless.

The right thing to do is to make the water temperature barely warm, to the point where the body does not feel the difference. And if you try to take control of yourself and wash with cool water in general – then you can also take the procedure of hardening, which is very good for the body in general.

Don’t take long showers

If you use a shower gel or any other cleansing foam, there is no need to spend too much time in the shower: five minutes is more than enough. Just get in, soap up and rinse your body with not too hot water and you’re good to go. In this case the skin does not have time to lose too much moisture – no matter how paradoxical it may sound in the case of the water procedure – to deform and get a temperature shock.

An obvious bonus is that in this case, water is also saved, which in itself is not a bad thing. And people at home will stop impatiently jumping at the door waiting for their turn, and there will be more time for morning pickup.

No need to wash with soap every time

Even our grandmothers assured us that squeaky body and hair – a sign of a quality wash, but this is not true at all. Such a manifestation, on the contrary, means that the skin is completely dehydrated, deprived of its natural protective coating – therefore, infections and sunlight penetrate it faster. There is only one way out – use the most gentle and moisturizing means for the shower and a generous layer of nourishing cream to moisturize the body after each session.

No need to shower twice a day

Unless, of course, we’re talking about miners, strength-training instructors at fitness clubs or anyone whose professional activity is somehow connected with excessive sweating or working in a dirty environment, we tend to exaggerate how dirty your body is.

If you shower in the evening with a gel, in the morning it is enough just to rinse with cool water – this will be enough to finally wake up and cheer up. Sponges and foaming products are completely unnecessary.

No need to use a washcloth

Dermatologists all over the world are unanimous – loofahs carry a lot more dangers than we can imagine even in our worst nightmares. Firstly, there is no point in rubbing your hands and kneading yourself every day, and more than once, you just need to wash with the palms of your hands. Procedures for exfoliating keratinized skin particles is best done once or twice a week with a mild exfoliant scrub, this is enough.

The second reason to immediately and permanently refuse to use a washcloth is that millions of bacteria accumulate in it and on its surface, which actively reproduce in a warm, moist environment – and some of them are very dangerous for humans. In other words, there is not so much cleaning as contamination – no one makes a complete disinfection of this object before each use, right?

Do not use heavily scented products

Yes, we choose them specifically for the smell – but there are many other ways to aromatherapy, even in the bathroom while taking a shower you can light a candle with your favorite scent, for example, or even combine such a pleasure with a massage session.

The fact is that the shower cosmetics with a too strong scent is often too aggressive for the skin – often in this way they camouflage the shortcomings of low-quality ingredients in the composition. It is best to choose neutral gels or mild soaps, and inhale fragrances by any other means.

The second point is purely psychological: the habit of inhaling the favorite fragrance makes us make the same purchase over and over again, even if the cosmetic properties of the product are far from the best quality, and in the shower in the case of such a fragrant gel we tend to spend much more time.

Our body is built in such a way that it requires a gradual increase in time of inhaling a certain smell, otherwise the desired combination of hormones will not be synthesized and we will not feel as happy as before.

proper shower

No need to wash your hair every time

First we thoroughly wet the hair, then vigorously lather the applied shampoo, then rinse it until it is completely gone from the hair, and then repeat the same procedure with the balm. This is if you do not use, for example, a hair mask. Then it’s the turn of the scrub and shower gel. All of these substances – often of a completely opposite nature of action – are placed one after the other on the skin. If it is dry and sensitive, it is not surprising that after taking such procedures for a long time it will look and feel far from the most beautiful way.

It is quite enough to wash your hair once every three days – and the owners of dry hair and even less often. Those whose scalp is prone to greasiness and seborrhea – every other day at most. It is best to do it by bending forward and very gently pouring the hair in the direction of the back of the head, so that the hair wash and care products do not get on the body. Even better – but this is a more expensive and less comfortable way – to wash your hair in the salon with special professional cosmetics, so they will be much more attractive and healthy looking.

No need to rush to towel off

Vigorously rub the towel to redness of the skin is necessary only in one case – if you have the idea to get healthy by diving into an ice-hole in temperature minus twenty. Or if you just swam in an icy mountain lake in early spring. In all other cases there is absolutely no need to rush to dry off with a towel – remember the advice of a dermatologist. After turning off the water tap, you should stand for another two minutes in the tray or bathtub, waiting for the water jets to run down. After this it is best to lightly blot the skin with a towel – give preference to modern versions of fine microfiber.

Next you need to apply a nourishing moisturizer directly on wet skin – then the degree of its usefulness will increase many times over, especially for mature and fading skin and the delicate skin of small children. If you don’t want to waste time, it’s better to apply your lotion or cream and do something else while it’s absorbing.

For example, cut nails, brush teeth, apply your favorite face and neck creams, blow-dry or start styling hair if it has been washed. You can have time to use deodorant and apply a grooming product to your feet. Just in time for such manipulations cream will have time to absorb well and the skin – to dry enough to be able to put on a robe or any other home clothes without problems.