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Melting: what is it? Types of hair melting, beautiful design ideas. Features of the technique

Melting: features and types

Hair melting is a fashionable and extremely popular trend. There are a lot of coloring options here. It is acceptable to turn to a variety of shades. It is possible to choose the perfect solution for any hair and any type of face. Today we will consider in detail what is this type of coloring, and what varieties there are.

What is it?

Hair coloring is a popular and popular procedure. It consists in the uniform coloring of individual strands. Go for both light and dark, as well as neutral and very bright colors. The optimal color combination can be formed for a ladies’ image, in any style.

Pros and cons

Ladies nowadays are free to choose any of the ways to decorate their hair. This can be both the usual coloring, as well as a more interesting solution, for example, an ultramodern ombré or popular melting. The latter option is very popular and is chosen by ladies of all ages. It is worth considering that the highlighting has a lot of positive qualities, for which it is loved by many ladies.

Let’s consider in detail the benefits of this coloring technique:

  • This procedure is considered more gentle, especially if you compare it to the ordinary coloring of the entire hair. In this case, the dye is applied only to certain locks, without negatively affecting the structure of the entire locks.
  • The coloring does not need to be renewed too often. As a rule, this type of dyeing lasts for at least 2-3 months. Thanks to this you will save not only money, but also free time, which is often lacking. In addition, even after a long time the hair will remain as attractive – the appearance of the lady will not suffer.
  • This popular procedure can be safely applied, regardless of the structure and level of thickness of the hair. Their length can also be any – correctly performed melting looks great on long or medium hair, as well as on short strands.
  • There is a number of techniques for the performance of melting. This can be quite simple as well as a complex solution, with which only an experienced master can cope. You can choose the perfect solution for every taste and wallet.
  • Special expensive care of melting hair does not require. Of course, it is recommended to use quality restorative and therapeutic compositions, but there is no need to resort to special procedures in the salon.
  • Very often ladies with naturally sparse hair turn to melting. With this coloring the hair can visually make it more lush and voluminous.
  • Through the melting there is an opportunity to hide the gray hair. In this case, the result is harmonious and discreet – the attention to unnecessary details is not attracted.
  • With the right performance, the melting can revive the hair, giving it a more interesting, bright and original appearance. Thus, the ladies’ image as a whole can be noticeably renewed.

Melting is not only a very popular, but also a fashionable procedure that does not cause serious damage to the hair. However, it is necessary to take into account not only its positive, but also its negative sides. Let’s get acquainted with them:

  • Despite the fact that the melting is a gentle procedure in comparison with the classical dyeing, the dye, which is used in this case, still affects the strands. Because of this strands can become brittle and dry, especially if they were originally not distinguished by sufficient health. Restore the locks, of course, it is possible, but if the performance of dyeing is bad, it will be very difficult to do.
  • The cost of hair melting can cost a pretty penny, especially when it comes to the coloring of long hair. Much depends on the chosen technique of dyeing. If it is complex and labor-intensive, then the cost will be appropriate.
  • The procedure may take a lot of time. For example, if you dye long locks, then it may take at least two hours.
  • Melting should not be applied if the hair has previously been subjected to henna dyeing. After an aggressive perming to a similar type of dyeing should not be resorted to, if you do not want to cause even greater damage to the hair.
  • Often, ladies are faced with the fact that after the melting hair is very difficult combed and often tangled. A lot depends on the applied dyes and repairing agents.
  • You can resort to the melting at home, but it is not recommended to do it – it will be difficult to achieve a perfect result.

Only considering the pros and cons of this procedure, should you decide whether to resort to the melting.

If performed incorrectly, the melting can have a negative impact not only on the appearance, but also on the condition of the hair. It often takes a very long time to restore damaged strands.


There are several varieties of graying. Each of the options has its own distinctive characteristics and performance techniques. Let’s get acquainted with the different types of such popular dyeing, and let’s analyze their characteristics.


The simplest and most popular by right is recognized as a classic version of the graying. It is encountered more often than others, despite the fact that modern coloring techniques have displaced similar solutions, due to the more original appearance of the hair, resulting in the end.

In most cases, masters in this procedure use a special rubber cap with holes through which the strands are passed to apply the lightening solution.

It is believed that this type of hair coloring can visually rejuvenate the lady, making her image fresher and more attractive. That is why this solution is so often resorted to by young ladies of all ages. In addition, the classic highlighting can give a ladies’ hair extra volume, but at the same time it dries the roots a little. This feature is very relevant for those fashionistas who suffer from increased greasiness of the head.

That is why it is not necessary to speak about the complete safety and harmlessness of this procedure. Because of the classic colors can make the hair too dry, dull and lifeless.

In order not to cause serious damage to the hair during such coloring, the master recommends to step back from the roots at least one centimeter when applying the dyeing substance. In addition, it is advisable to regularly trim the cut ends of hair.

If you opt for a classic melting it is necessary to choose a suitable color. Here it is recommended to pay attention to the color type of appearance.

  • If by nature you have light skin and light eyes, such as blue or green, then it is advisable to give preference to cool shades. The latter include wet sand, graphite, beige, pastel pink, as well as a chic pearlescent blonde.
  • Ladies, distinguished by the color type “summer” (having a peach skin tone, blond hair and eyes of any color), it is recommended to choose for the classic highlighting shades that have a golden hint. For example, it can be caramel, wheat tones or golden walnut.
  • If you are naturally blonde, then the shades that are close to the blonde palette will suit you well.
  • The owner of a bold red locks of hair will be best suited to amber, hazel and copper colors.

No matter how simple this procedure may seem to you, it is advisable not to experiment if you do not have the proper experience in such matters.

In addition to the cap technique, there is another technique for performing the classic subspecies of graying.

  • Hairdressers advise to first blot the skin on the ears and on the head with a greasy cream or vaseline. Shoulders should be covered with a towel or a special cape.
  • Next, it will be necessary to mix the dye and oxidant in the ratio indicated by the manufacturer on the package. Even if your hair is long, one package of dye should be enough for the entire procedure.
  • In order to quickly restore the strands after all the necessary procedures, it is recommended to add to the dye one ampoule of chromoenergetic vitamin complex. The latter are usually sold in specialized cosmetic stores.
  • Next, the strands should be carefully combed out and divided into four main zones – the parietal, the top of the head, the temporal areas.
  • Prepare the foil – cut it into strips that will be wider than the strands selected for further coloring. The length of the cut sheets will need to increase by about 20 cm.
  • Allocate the necessary strands, put the foil sheets prepared under them. The edges of the latter should be carefully bent by about 7 cm in the area of the upper edge. Apply the dye evenly to the curls.
  • Next, you will need to gently bend the bottom edge of the foil to the top. Cover the strands on the sides as well. Take into account that the material should completely cover the dyed curls.
  • In such a scheme it is necessary to paint the entire head.
  • When the necessary holding time comes to the end, you need to carefully unpack the strands and start washing them in the order in which they were dyed and closed (i.e. you should act starting from the nape of the neck).


Very popular today is the ultra-trendy Brazilian melting. It is often resorted to by fashionistas who want to update their image, making it more luxurious and feminine. The correctly performed coloring of this type effectively beautifies the hair.

Most of all, this type of dyeing suits ladies who naturally have natural blond curls. If there is such a base, then properly performed Brazilian melting will only emphasize its beauty, preserving the natural attractiveness.

The Brazilian dyeing is an interesting variation of the popular Californian dyeing, which does not completely replace the color, but only emphasizes the underlying natural tone. As in the case of Californian graying, Brazilian coloring is done by selecting individual strands and applying the dye in strokes.

The main benefits of the popular Brazilian graying are a number of points:

  • As with most other types of melting, the impact on the hair here will be sparing, because you do not have to completely repaint the entire hair, but only certain strands.
  • The thickness of hair, as well as its length, does not matter. Moreover, curls can be not only obedient and straight, but also curly.
  • With this type of melting the lady can rejuvenate, as here the lightening palettes are used, which not only look spectacular, but also distract attention from various defects of the face and problematic skin.
  • Frequent correction with this method of coloring is not required. Even with certain temporary changes, Brazilian melting usually remains attractive, does not spoil the appearance of the hair. Of course, this fact is the case if the coloring was made according to all the rules, using high-quality paint.
  • The Brazilian coloring is a perfect solution for thin and sparse hair, because with this method the hair visually becomes more lush and voluminous.
  • You can effectively hide the gray hair with the help of this stylish highlighting. In this case, the appearance of the hair will remain natural.
hair melting


To create a feminine and sexy image, modern young ladies prefer to turn to the spectacular Venetian graying.

This type of dyeing differs from the classic solution by the fact that here the colors, which are a couple or three shades lighter than the base hair color, are used. Even more colors can be used. Thus, a multitonal glittering effect is formed, which will not leave the lady without attention of other people.

The main advantages of this ultra fashionable and feminine option of highlighting are several parameters:

  • In this solution, the paint is applied in the open air. Neither bags nor foil are needed here, and this means that the strands are almost completely free from the negative effects of chemicals.
  • Several dyes are used simultaneously, and due to this it is possible to achieve a wonderful multi-tone effect that will definitely attract the rapt attention of others.
  • Thanks to this type of highlighting, it is possible to have a very effective layered haircut, such as a staircase or a cascade.
  • The hairstyle can be made more voluminous by using burnout palettes during this type of melting.
  • Frequent correction during this type of coloring is not necessary. It is necessary to update the paint no more than once every 2-3 months.
  • As in the previously described cases, the Venetian gray hair dye can cover the gray, making it almost invisible.
  • The texture and length of the hair can be absolutely any.

If you decide to turn to this interesting melting, then you need to consider not only its advantages, but also the disadvantages. Here are some of them:

  • Venetian melting is done on any strands, but if they are naturally dark, you will need to lighten them first. The latter process often has a bad effect on the health and structure of the hair.
  • The scheme of performing this graying is considered quite complicated. It is very important to get to, really, experienced professional master, otherwise you can seriously damage both the health and the appearance of the hair.
  • Usually such cosmetic procedure costs a tidy sum, as it is painstaking and time-consuming. In addition, the masters try to perform it using ammonia-free dyes, which are expensive.

Before going to the salon for such a service, you should consider to whom it suits most:

  • The Venetian graying looks gorgeous on curls of almost any length. The only exceptions here are ultra-short haircuts, for example, Garson or Pixie. This is due to the fact that the too short hairstyles do not have almost any color transitions, and the whole point of highlighting is lost.
  • Proper coloring looks best on the smooth and silky strands. If you want to achieve a softer and more natural effect, then the best option here will be wavy or curly locks. As a result, your hair will look interesting, but natural, because the lightened locks will not be so glaring.
  • For the Venetian graying suits luxurious thick hairdos. If by nature you have quite thin and sparse hair, then this type of coloring can visually “revive” them, making them more voluminous.