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How to Dry Your Hair Fast Without a Hair Dryer: 5 Best Ways for Girls

Hair drying is always more than just removing excess moisture from the curls. It is also an important part of styling. Simultaneously with drying you can solve a number of pressing problems: give strands a volume, straighten naughty curls or, conversely, create spectacular curls at home.

For volume at the roots

 1.Shampoo the hair and towel dry it while tilting the head.

 2.Without lifting your head, comb through the strands using a skeleton comb.

 3.Return your head to its original position and comb once again.

 4.Separate a strand measuring 4-5 cm.

 5.At the base of the strand, closer to the roots, place a Velcro curler and, without twisting, secure the accessory at the roots, using a clip.

 6.Separate the next strand and do the same, thus treating the entire volume of the head.

 7.Leave the curlers for 15-20 minutes, then remove them, smooth the hair down with your hands and fix the hairstyle with varnish.

 8.You can leave the curlers on overnight to give your hair more volume.

To straighten hair

 1.Wash hair and tilt it and squeeze out all the excess moisture without twisting it into bundles.

 2.Take a small amount of straightening conditioner or mousse and apply it to the strands, distributing the product evenly through the hair.

 3.Blot your hair again with a towel (better to use terry cloth or paper: these materials absorb moisture better).

 4.Comb the curls with a skeleton comb with holes or your fingers for 10-15 minutes. In order not to be bored, turn on your favorite TV series or podcast. Dry straight hair – without any harm or effort – is yours!

For a beautiful curly style

 1.Wash your hair and apply conditioner to it.

 2.Heat a towel with an iron and wrap it around your hair like a turban.

 3.Separate the hair in a parting, comb the strands with your fingers or a skeleton comb and twist them into two curls.

 4.Once again warm a towel and tie it over the resulting curls.

 5.Keep it for 20 minutes, then remove the towel, detangle the hair, spread the resulting curls with your hands and fix the result with varnish.

Alternative Ways to Dry Your Hair Without a Hair Dryer

Unusual, fast and effective: original ways to dry wet hair for those who prefer avant-garde to classic.

Long & medium length hair

 1.Squeeze out clean, wet hair with a towel (cold or heated with an iron).

 2.Gently straighten the strands with your fingers or a skeleton comb.

 3.Swing your hair from side to side for 10-15 minutes (to avoid neck pain, take periodic rest breaks).

 4.Comb your hair once more. Done!

Short hair

 1.Apply styling mousse to damp towel-washed hair.

 2.Lay your head down and use your fingers to smooth out the strands, repeat the process several times.

 3.Straighten, separate hair into strands and twist them, alternately twisting the ends up and down. Fix the result with pins.

 4.Wait 10-15 minutes, then straighten curls and fix the hair spray.

The best way to dry hair for men

Men’s hair is different in structure from women’s hair: it is more dense, less flexible, so it dries and becomes different. Here’s an easy, tried-and-tested way to dry men’s hair at home

1.Towel-dry wet hair.

2.Separate the side parting.

3.Apply a small amount of gel to the palms of your hands and distribute it throughout the hair, on opposite sides of the parting.

4.Use your fingers to comb through the hair until it is slightly damp.

5.Leave your hair smooth or muss it with fingers and fix the effect with varnish.

That’s Not How You Do It: Dangerous Hair Drying Techniques at Home

Not repeating it is dangerous! Let’s find out how not to dry your hair under any circumstances.


Even assuming that you position yourself on the side of the vacuum cleaner, which works in reverse, the idea is doomed to failure. A powerful jet of dusty air is not good for your newly washed hair. Vacuuming hair with a vacuum cleaner is a straightforward way to lose your hair.

dry hair fast


Not only do you risk losing hair if it gets caught in the fan, but there’s a good chance that you’ll end up seriously injuring yourself. In a word: no and again no.

Gas Stove

An extremely dangerous method. At best you’ll dry your hair out, at worst you’ll start a fire.

Drying your hair without a hairdryer: easy tricks from the professionals

At our request, the leading Moscow stylists shared their own tips on hair drying without a hair dryer.

Method №1

My favorite way – apply conditioner, milk or non-greasy mask to wet curls to make the hair smoother and the cuticle closed, rinse, and then wrap the head with a dry towel and walk around for a while to absorb more moisture. With the heat coming from the scalp, the hair at the roots will get extra dry.

Method #2

On washed strands, on their ends, apply a non-washable treatment (such as oil or fluid) to further close the cuticle. And then do some head movements to allow the hair to dry from the airflow.

Method #3

Using a wide-toothed comb, thoroughly comb through the hair, avoiding harsh tugging movements. This method is suitable for those women whose hair is not very prone to tangles.