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Ribbon Bows with their own hands 

How to make bows from ribbons with your own hands: a step by step description of different techniques, new photo ideas of decoration

Elegant ribbon bows have become an indispensable accessory at any festive events. Strict and frivolous, simple and lush – they set a special festive mood. They are used as decor for toys, gifts, hair or everyday clothes.

We bring to your attention a selection of interesting options for creating bows in different techniques.

Techniques for making a bow from ribbons

In the present time, there are a large number of ideas for making bows from ribbons. The technique of making them is not complicated, so a novice needlewoman will be able to cope with this task.

The most common types of bows are considered:

  • simple classic;
  • twisted;
  • double;
  • fluffy;
  • layered;
  • triple;
  • balloon bow;
  • flower bow.

These ways of making exquisite ribbon jewelry are the most popular. Very often the technique of kanzashi is also used. This Japanese style of making involves weaving ornate bows with different curls and additional decor details.

Knowing the technique of making and following step by step instructions, every creative person can create colorful and interesting bows from a variety of ribbons. And then any everyday thing will become elegant.

Materials for work

For fashionable bows are useful ribbons of different sizes from all kinds of materials. But the most popular of them: kapron, reps and satin.

Often used and lace ribbons. Such accessories look elegant and expensive. It is also possible to master from silk, tulle, chiffon and velvet decorative ribbons.

As decorations are used:

  • beads;
  • sequins;
  • rhinestones;
  • beads;
  • pearls;
  • tulle;
  • unusual buttons.

In stores, there is a wide choice of ready-made bows of all kinds of shapes, made of different materials. There you can also stock up on metal dispensers, elastic bands and other auxiliary materials that will be useful in the process of work.

Satin ribbons

The most popular material for making dressy bows is satin. This shiny and smooth fabric is very appreciated by needlewomen.

Satin ribbons have a number of advantages. They are beautiful and bright. This material is durable, so products are long-wearing and do not lose their marketable appearance. The range of colors is very diverse, with many tones and shades. The price for satin is affordable to all buyers, which makes it very popular.

The main disadvantage is that it is friable, so the edges of the product are burned with a flame. The size of the ribbons varies from 3 millimeters to 10 centimeters.

Satin ribbons are used in almost all kinds of needlework. They create decorative ornaments for souvenirs, gift baskets and wedding cars, make hairpins and bows. They decorate clothing and soft toys.

Ribbons of rapeseed

This type of ribbons is a strip of polyester fabric that has a cross ribbing. Their width varies from 0.6 to 5 centimeters.

Ribbons of rep cloth are characterized by increased strength and stiffness. Compared with satin, they hold their shape well, so the products are not so damaged. But the price is also significantly different.

Due to such features, this material is popular with creative people. They are used in different kinds of needlework.

Widely used for making bows, decorating clothes and in scrapbooking. Florists also love to decorate bouquets with reps ribbons. They give them a unique look.

Capron ribbons

Capron is made from synthetic fibers, so it is quite strong and resilient. Ribbons made of this material because of the democratic prices are most affordable for consumers.

Their wide application gives creative people the opportunity to show imagination and experiment. Fluffy bows from kapron ribbons are popular with schoolgirls.

Ideas for bows with their own hands

Handmade bows are valued much more than purchased bows.

Many needlewomen think that to make such accessories – a task impossible. But such an opinion is wrong. Such a handicraft is within everyone’s power. You just need to stock up on all the materials, and following the step by step scheme, create a masterpiece.

Bows are made in different ways. However, they must be used accordingly. For example, for small gifts it is better to take small bows, and for large gifts volumetric bows are used.

There are many options. What to choose? It all depends on the festive occasion and the availability of necessary materials. Our selection with a detailed scheme of the creative process will come to the rescue.

Bunch of narrow ribbons

From thin reps ribbons with a print, you get cute bows. Products made of such material look smart and without additional decorative elements.


  • thread;
  • needle;
  • 2 pieces of reps ribbon 1,5 x 15 cm;
  • scissors;
  • heat gun;
  • bead for the middle;
  • lighter;
  • rubber band.

Step by step execution:

1.Burn the edges of the pieces with a lighter. Fold in half to mark the center part.

2.Place the ends of the ribbon one on top of the other, and stitch with a straight stitch from the wrong side.

3.Fold both pieces together, tucking the rubber band on the back side.

4.Tie a small knot in the middle of the elements, not pulling it tight.

5.Decorate the bow with a bead, placing it in the center.

Our simple and elegant bow is ready. Such a homemade decoration will not be ashamed to boast in front of your girlfriends.

ribbon bows

Bow bow for men

The ideal solution for quickly creating a dressy accessory for a man’s costume will be a satin bow bow bow. A stylish addition to the appearance, made with your own hands, will be unique. And you can make it with a minimum set of materials in a short time.

The necessary materials:

  • Black colored satin ribbon (5 cm and 2.5 cm wide);
  • buckle adjuster;
  • hook;
  • scissors;
  • black thread;
  • needle;
  • tailor’s pin;
  • silicone glue;
  • candle or lighter.

To sew your own product, you need to follow these steps:

1.Prepare from satin pieces: from the large tape – a length of 20 cm, 18 cm and 7 cm, and from the narrow – 55 cm.

2.Burn the ends, using a lighter.

3.Roll both pieces in half so that the ends are in the middle, pin them together.

4.Fold the satin pieces one on top of the other (the smaller piece on top) and sew them together in the middle.

5.Tighten the thread, giving the product the shape of a bow.

6.Take a narrow prepared piece, smear it with glue, gradually folding it in half lengthwise.

7.Thread the buckle adjuster (straps) and hook through the ribbon, securing the tip with a glue gun.

8.Roll three times 7 cm long piece, fixing the ends with glue.

9.Wrap this piece around the central part of the bow, inserting the piece with the hook and buckle. Glue the ends together.

The process of creating a double bow bow bow is complete. It remains to iron it and choose a costume.

Quick bow

A classic simple bow under the power to tie any person. Such a skill is sure to come in handy in life. You can prepare any ribbon – it all depends on where you want to apply it.

Stages of performance:

1.In the work we use the index fingers of both hands. Throw the ribbon on them.

2.Cross the halves, slipping one into the other.

3.Tighten the product firmly, adjusting the rings of the bow.

Uncomplicated process is complete! Such bows decorate gift wrapping. Simple at first glance, they will look very original and as decorations on the holiday tree.

Bow for hairpins

Ribbons of rep and satin fabric are used to create many interesting things. But since this material is easy to work with and available to almost all needlewomen, they are most often used for bows, including hairpins.

A bow for hairpins with their own hands will require the preparation of such materials:

  • Reps ribbon (2,5×30 cm);
  • satin ribbon in two colors (0.5×16 cm and 0.5×18 cm);
  • kapron ribbon with a print (2.5×28 cm);
  • white thread;
  • needle;
  • silicone glue;
  • small bead;
  • metal clip;
  • scissors;
  • lighter or matches.

After preparing the workplace and materials, let’s get to work:

1.For the base we use rep strip. It will need two pieces with a length of 8 cm. The ends are cut obliquely and burned, so that the material does not crumble.

2.Bind the parts with hot glue, applying it in the middle. To do this, we put the pieces crosswise.

3.For the middle of the barrette we make a strip of rep and two pieces of kapron, each 14 cm long. Bake the edges. With kapron strip this procedure is done carefully, because it is good burning.

4.Reps band fold in half. Sew the central part. Tighten the parts with the remaining thread, securing it with a knot.

5.Similarly form the kapron bows. Connect the three pieces of thread, folding them with a flower. For a good fixation, fasten in the center once again.

6.Narrow satin ribbon is cut in 8 cm pieces (one piece of one color and two pieces of another color).

7.Glue the satin pieces to the central rep billet, placing them diagonally.

8.Three prepared bows are smeared on the back with glue. Connect them to the reps base for the hairpin.

9.Fix metal clip with glue. Decorate the middle with beads.

Ready hairpins-bows should dry. Such colorful accessories girls will use with pleasure!

A small bow with a fork

Simple elegant bows are formed with the help of an ordinary cutlery – a fork. Using this simple tool, even the tiniest versions (less than one centimeter) are made. They are used for decorating toys, cards, handbags and children’s clothes.

What is the procedure? And it is quite simple. Even nine-year-old children can cope with such a task.

For the tiny bows we will need:

  • 0.6 cm wide satin ribbon;
  • fork;
  • A lighter or a candle.

To create the product, we follow the simplest steps:

Step 1. We bend the ribbon about 1:3. Insert the fork into the fold with the rib. The front should be the short end, which we will not use. We will use the long part.

Step 2: Thread the long free part of the ribbon from the bottom between the middle teeth of the cutlery. We take the same tip and slide it up from the back.

Step 3. Pass a piece of satin between the middle prongs and thread it through a loop parallel to the short end.

Step 4. Tighten into a knot using the long part of the ribbon. Create a simple bow.

Step 5. We remove it from the device. We cut the ends to the right size. Burn the ends with a candle or lighter.

ribbon bows

Double bow

To create such an accessory, you can use single-colored ribbons or combine several colors. To make a double bow you need to have:

  • satin ribbon;
  • scissors;
  • String and needle;
  • elastic band for hair.

Making steps:

1.Make two 16 cm pieces of satin ribbon. Fold them into a ring, overlapping the edges of each other. Sew them with a thread. Make two identical parts.

2.Fasten the bows to each other with thread.

3.The middle is made from a small piece of satin. Burn the ends. Connect it to the center, while inserting an elastic band. Gently sew together with thread from the wrong side.

Colors can be combined to your liking. For example, create a monochrome blue bow or combine several colors in one creation.

Multicolored bow

Even a child will be able to make a unique multicolored bow from a kapron ribbon. For this, you will need:

  • Red, white and pink ribbon (8×150 cm each);
  • thread with a needle;
  • scissors;
  • hot glue;
  • candle or matches;
  • elastic band for hair;
  • half beads for decoration.

To make the creative process easy, you need to follow these steps:

1.Bend all the ribbons one by one, thread them with a needle on a thread along the middle.

2.String the thread, leaving a free edge of 30 cm.

3.Spread the resulting blanks of white, pink and red.

4.Cut out a circle of 8 cm in diameter from heavy felt. Make holes in it and pull the free edge of the ribbon through them.

5.Glue three pieces to the base in a spiral pattern, joining them together beautifully (first red, pink and then white).

6.Cut and burn the ribbon remnants.

7.Attach the rubber band to the felt with hot glue.

8.Make decorations with half beads.

Make bows with your own hands – it is not difficult. It gives the opportunity to be creative, to dream, to invest in the product a piece of your soul. Such work gives pleasure and helps to create unique, unique things.