hair follicles

How to wake up the hair follicles

Well-groomed, thick hair makes anyone look beautiful. Unfortunately, keeping your locks that way is a challenge. Stresses, irregular nutrition, and even bad weather can significantly worsen the condition of your hair.

Often bad conditions cause the hair follicles to be undernourished. In this case, they perform less and less well and “fall asleep” altogether. To wake up the follicles requires a complex treatment. Let’s tell you what you need to revitalize thinned hair, understand the salon and home care methods.

Causes of weakening of the hair follicles

One hair grows on average three to five years. A miniature organ, the hair follicle, is responsible for its growth and health. This is where hair is nucleated, develops, and later receives its nourishment. The hair follicle is capable of “bearing” twenty to thirty hairs in a lifetime. This is enough to always have a great hairdo.

In reality, of course, it’s not that simple. The vital activity of the hair follicle is directly related to the functioning of the sebaceous glands and blood circulation. If the follicle receives less nutrients, it gradually becomes thin and, consequently, weakens. As a result, the organ produces weak hair, and then stops its work.

Now it will take a lot of effort to wake it up, so the best option is to prevent the problem before it occurs. This can be helped by specialized vitamin and mineral complexes, proper nutrition, good care and periodic scalp massage.

If you do find that your hair has lost its lushness, it’s time to treat it more vigorously.

Salon Treatments

Professional cosmetologists will help to awaken hair follicles. Today, salons offer beauties many effective procedures to restore curls.

The most popular:

  • Mesotherapy is a method of treatment that involves the injection of useful substances under the skin of the scalp. The procedure is suitable for all hair types. It allows you to normalize the sebaceous glands, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the curls and prolong the stage of their growth.
  • Ozone therapy is a rather expensive, but very effective option. Ozone-containing preparations penetrate into all cells of the scalp and provide deep recovery.
  • Darsonvalization – the scalp is affected by pulsed currents of high frequency, they irritate the nerve endings, causing small spasms. Thus, the correct functioning of blood vessels, sweat and sebaceous glands is restored.
  • normalize the work of the follicles;
  • stimulate the growth of new hair and increase the active growth phase;
  • increase the density of the hair;
  • stop the loss of strands.

Vitamin and mineral courses

Taking a variety of vitamins, macro and micronutrients will also help to awaken the hair follicles. It is more convenient and easier to choose a ready-made complex, designed specifically to enhance hair growth.

Head massage

The massage is an excellent preventive and therapeutic procedure. It increases blood circulation, thus helping the follicles to get the necessary oxygen and nutrients for healthy functioning. In combination with other therapies, massage “wakes up” dormant hair follicles, so gradually the hair becomes thicker, and the curls themselves gain vitality and shine.

The procedure does not require a large expenditure of time. It is enough to give daily scalp massage for about fifteen minutes, you will soon notice the first results. The massage should include pressing, circular movements, twitching and longitudinal movements. It is best to perform the procedure before going to bed. It is useful to put essential oil on your fingers beforehand, but make sure that it does not cause an allergic reaction.

Stimulating Masks

When treating with masks, it is better to give up shampoos containing silicone for a while, as they make it difficult for the active elements to penetrate into the skin.

Popular recipes:

  • Mask with tincture of pepper. You will need: two tablespoons each of pepper tincture and sea buckthorn oil, as well as 5-8 drops of bay essential oil. Mix the ingredients, and then apply the mask to your hair and leave it for a couple of hours. For the best effect, you should insulate your hair with a shower cap and a towel.
  • Mustard mask. Take the following ingredients: two tablespoons of mustard oil and the same amount of herbal broth, a spoonful of mustard powder and 5-8 drops of essential oil (rosemary, orange or lemon). Mix the powder with the decoction, add heated mustard oil and then essential oil, mix. Gently apply the mask along the strokes, keep it warm. Keep for about an hour.
  • Mask with honey and cognac. Take one tablespoon each of honey, cognac and olive oil and one egg yolk. Mix everything in a glass bowl. Then apply to your scalp. Wrap your hair and hold for up to an hour. Now rinse your hair well and treat it with a balm.

Consult a specialist for an accurate diagnosis.