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How to style hair correctly: tips, tools, step by step technique

Since childhood, many mothers have been told that it is correct to style the hair, and even more so to dry it, not with a hair dryer, but the natural way, because the hot air of the hair dryer can easily damage them. However, this in no way means that you can go to bed with a wet head with a calm heart. After all, in sleep a person involuntarily turns on the pillow, thereby creating a lot of friction, which leads to thinning and, consequently, to hair breakage.

In order not to damage wet hair, after washing your hair it is worthwhile to wrap it in a towel for 10-15 minutes and let the moisture soak in. Blot and do not rub the hair too hard, it will make it break. Then it is recommended to use a special hair product (balm or spray), which will give a silky feel. Wait another 10 minutes, and then comb your hair, but not with a fluffy comb, because it traumatizes the hair, and a comb with large, sparse teeth. Do not collect wet hair with an elastic band or pins, just allow them to dry on their own. To make the styling last longer, you can use a fixing spray, and to create a more spectacular volume at the roots, try to apply a special powder.

How to properly dry and style your hair with a hair dryer?

It often happens that there is not enough time and patience for a natural drying. Then drying and styling with a hair dryer is definitely your option. It is fast, effective and convenient. Also the hair dryer will help to give the hair volume and make your styling special. To be satisfied with the result, it is important to follow a few simple rules on how to blow-dry your hair at home:

  • Try to keep a distance of at least 15 cm between the blow dryer and your hair;
  • Prepare your hair for styling with enough hot air: dry your hair naturally;
  • Leave the ends slightly damp to prevent hair from splitting and tending to breakage;
  • Also use diffuser attachments or concentrators, they allow you to keep your hair neat;
  • Use a comb to create a beautiful hairstyle.

You will often need to blow-dry your hair to create volume at the roots. Begin by combing your hair with a comb with large, sparse teeth. Then lightly dry the strands of hair along the entire length of the hair, so they do not tangle later. Then bend your head down and blow-dry hair at the roots, while helping to create more volume with a comb or your fingers. It is a good idea to put some hairspray on your hair. Everything is quite simple, so you can easily make a beautiful styling, even without leaving the house.

How to properly style short hair?

In general, the recommendations for drying and styling hair of different lengths are the same. However, there are still nuances.

How to properly style short hair with a hair dryer?

It is necessary to dry short hair starting from the crown, moving to the temples and the back of the head, at the same time curling strands on a round comb (brushing) or raise the hands. If you have bangs, first curl them on the brush and only then dry them with a hair dryer.

How to style medium length hair correctly?

There is no secret in how to properly style medium hair, and many of the rules for drying long hair also applies to medium length. You should additionally divide the hair into small strands with a comb, and then pull each strand up and curl it on a comb-brusher. It is worth remembering that in this case the curls should be dried only with warm, not hot air, at medium speed. To keep the styling longer, you can fix it with varnish or hair dryer with a mode of cold air.

How to properly style long hair?

In a similar way, you can easily style and long hair. Be sure to separate the hair into strands, trying not to take too much and too thin. Pull each of them up and curl on the brush. In the same way as with medium hair, do not use hot air, but only warm air. Start at the roots and move to the ends. Blow-dry the curl with a hair dryer at medium speed, unwinding it little by little.

Styling products and tips

If you know how to properly style your hair with a hair dryer, the shine and volume will please you every day. Make no mistakes:

  • Hold your hair dryer correctly (dry from the roots to the ends and hold the hair dryer at an acute angle);
  • Use a diffuser nozzle;
  • Use a heat protectant;
  • Gradually turn down the temperature so as not to dry the hair too much;
  • Finish with a cold air dryer;
  • Do not abuse styling products, so your hair won’t stick together and need to be washed every day, and it will stay nice and healthy;
  • Choose a hold based solely on your hair type. For example, if your hair is thin and weak, then the hold should be weak. If your hair is strong and sturdy, then choose a strong hold;
  • Use a comb with rounded teeth so that your hair does not break.

You’ll need more than just a comb and blow dryer to style your hair and give it long-lasting volume.

To achieve extra volume for thin hair, you can use a spray. It is also a great way to give your hair the desired shape. When spraying the varnish, keep the bottle not closer than 25 cm from the hair, covering your eyes and forehead with the palm of your hand. Attention, the spray makes the hair stiff, so it is not recommended to use it often.

The mousse or foam for hair modeling will highlight your curls, add shine and volume to your strands. It is a multi-effect product. It all depends on your wishes.

The gel helps to arrange and securely fix hair. Apply it with your fingers to give your hair the desired shape. Pay attention to the fixation indicator, which is usually listed on the package. If the degree of fixation is maximum, then your hair can be “fixed by default.

There is also a wax that gives the strands flexibility and shine, but does not fix them. However, you can mix your own wax with a small amount of special locking gel. You can also just buy a gel wax or spray wax.

hair style

Folk tips

If you’re a supporter of healthy living and environmental cleanliness, can’t stand the smell of nail polish or prefer to do without chemicals if possible, you can always turn to folk tips and recipes.

Gel for styling, creating volume

  1. Flax seeds – 1 cup;
  2. Water – 3 cups.

Pour water into an enamel or glass pan and bring it to a boil. Carefully and slowly stirring, pour the seeds of flax in the boiling water, slowly reduce the heat. For 10-20 minutes simmer on a low heat, stirring, until you get a lotion with a jelly-like consistency. Strain the resulting product through a gauze rolled in several layers or a sieve and pour into a glass jar. The consistency will turn out as an ordinary shampoo.

Application: Pour a little gel on your palms, rub it into the hair, distribute the substance over its entire length with a comb or comb. This gel perfectly holds the styling, and it costs a penny.

Sugar spray

  1. Sugar – 1 spoon (tablespoon);
  2. Water heated to a comfortable temperature – 8 spoons.
  3. We dissolve the sugar in warm water, stirring continuously. Pour the liquid into an atomizer, apply before or after styling.

Hair styling with lemon

  1. Lemon – 1 piece;
  2. Water – 1 cup;
  3. Alcohol – 1 teaspoon.

Be careful:

The very low acidity of lemon juice makes its use in its pure undiluted form harmful to hair. If you use lemon without additives, you may encounter problems such as dry hair and scalp. Lemon juice in its natural form turns into a powder when it dries on the hair, thereby clogging the micro-cracks of the hair and making it dry and stiff.

Cut the lemon into small pieces and pour water over it. Bring to the boil and leave on low heat. Cover with the lid and simmer until the contents have reduced by half. Cool, drain, and strain if necessary. For preservation, add alcohol. Pour into a dispenser bottle. Apply before drying hair.