cold showers

Cold showers for beauty, health and weight loss

Summer is a great time to try a unique and very affordable beauty treatment. Cold showers are the easiest ritual to perform and offer tons of health and beauty benefits.

Starting to take a cold shower is not that difficult. You don’t have to perform miracles of heroism to do it. Try it with ending each warm shower with a cool dousing and then a cold one. Start with a few seconds and gradually bring the time up to 3 minutes. This will be the cold shower you need to strive for.

If you’re still in doubt about whether you should try taking a cold shower every day – learn the 10 health benefits of cold showers.

1. Cold showers help you lose weight.

The body is made up of two types of fat, so-called brown fat and white fat. Brown fat is the one that accumulates in the body due to excessive calorie intake, and we are able to burn it off. White fat, on the other hand, is not burned by the body. Brown fat generates heat, which maintains a constant body temperature.

Now imagine what happens when we take a cold shower. The body starts to burn a lot of brown fat to keep warm. So much for the weight loss effect!

2. Cold showers increase energy levels.

Think back to your reaction when you pour yourself in water that is unexpectedly colder than what you are used to. You begin to breathe in air very deeply. This is your body’s way of trying to get warm – by increasing your oxygen levels. In response, your heart starts to beat more rapidly, and your blood flow becomes much more active.

This effect is able to really cheer up the body, to start all the internal processes in a more active work. Energy levels really go up, and you feel more active and energetic for most of the day!

3. Cold shower reduces stress.

It’s a surprising fact that cold showers help reduce stress levels. How does it work? Cold water reduces uric acid levels, and along with it increases concentrations of glutathione, which is an antioxidant that helps keep all other antioxidants in the right amount. All of this alleviates the state of stress.

4. Cold showers boost immunity.

Everyone knows that cold showers are used to harden the body. But how does the process of immune system strengthening take place? Cold showers improve blood circulation by stimulating the flow of blood around all of our organs. Along with this, the arteries carry more blood to the heart, which improves its health and lowers blood pressure. All blocked arteries are cleared, and this greatly improves a person’s immune system.

5. Cold showers are good for the skin.

While hot water dries the skin and provokes the secretion of sebum, cold water narrows the pores, which prevents them from clogging. In addition, the increased circulation improves the complexion, and the skin becomes smoother and more radiant. Cosmetologists advise against exposing the face to a stream of hot water, because it dilates pores, stretches the skin and leads to wrinkles. On the other hand, cold water jets do not harm your face, on the contrary, they have a lifting effect.

6. A cold shower is actually good for your hair.

Cold water narrows the pores on the scalp and seals the hair cuticle, which protects the skin and hair roots from dirt and sebum accumulation. At the same time, cold water makes hair shinier and stronger, and the scalp is rejuvenated. Activating blood circulation also stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair.

7. Cold showers relieve depression.

Studies show that dousing with cool water relieves symptoms of depression. Receptors on the skin that are affected by cold water send huge amounts of electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain. This has an anti-depressive effect, and also relieves fatigue, apathy, and improves mood.

cold showers

8. Cold showers are good for sleep.

Although a cold shower is considered an invigorating procedure, it also promotes healthy sleep and a quick fall asleep. And healthy sleep, as we understand it, is a beauty sleep. After all, the quality of sleep largely determines how attractive and young we look.

9. Cold showers are a pain reliever.

Cold showers are one of the famous techniques athletes use, it’s how they save themselves from muscle pain. Cold (and even icy) water can ease the recovery processes in the muscles after vigorous physical activity. Use this method, it works.

10. Cold showers give you self-confidence.

If you cope with doubts and feelings of discomfort, it will significantly increase your self-esteem. You will have more time, your self-discipline will give new strength and confidence. And self-confident women are ready to move mountains!