Cold showers for beauty, health and weight loss

Summer is a great time to try a unique and very affordable beauty treatment. Cold showers are the easiest ritual to perform and offer tons of health and beauty benefits.

Starting to take a cold shower is not that difficult. You don’t have to perform miracles of heroism to do it. Try it with ending each warm shower with a cool dousing and then a cold one. Start with a few seconds and gradually bring the time up to 3 minutes. This will be the cold shower you need to strive for.

If you’re still in doubt about whether you should try taking a cold shower every day – learn the 10 health benefits of cold showers.

1. Cold showers help you lose weight.

The body is made up of two types of fat, so-called brown fat and white fat. Brown fat is the one that accumulates in the body due to excessive calorie intake, and we are able to burn it off. White fat, on the other hand, is not burned by the body. Brown fat generates heat, which maintains a constant body temperature.

Now imagine what happens when we take a cold shower. The body starts to burn a lot of brown fat to keep warm. So much for the weight loss effect!

2. Cold showers increase energy levels.

Think back to your reaction when you pour yourself in water that is unexpectedly colder than what you are used to. You begin to breathe in air very deeply. This is your body’s way of trying to get warm – by increasing your oxygen levels. In response, your heart starts to beat more rapidly, and your blood flow becomes much more active.

This effect is able to really cheer up the body, to start all the internal processes in a more active work. Energy levels really go up, and you feel more active and energetic for most of the day!

3. Cold shower reduces stress.

It’s a surprising fact that cold showers help reduce stress levels. How does it work? Cold water reduces uric acid levels, and along with it increases concentrations of glutathione, which is an antioxidant that helps keep all other antioxidants in the right amount. All of this alleviates the state of stress.

4. Cold showers boost immunity.

Everyone knows that cold showers are used to harden the body. But how does the process of immune system strengthening take place? Cold showers improve blood circulation by stimulating the flow of blood around all of our organs. Along with this, the arteries carry more blood to the heart, which improves its health and lowers blood pressure. All blocked arteries are cleared, and this greatly improves a person’s immune system.

5. Cold showers are good for the skin.

While hot water dries the skin and provokes the secretion of sebum, cold water narrows the pores, which prevents them from clogging. In addition, the increased circulation improves the complexion, and the skin becomes smoother and more radiant. Cosmetologists advise against exposing the face to a stream of hot water, because it dilates pores, stretches the skin and leads to wrinkles. On the other hand, cold water jets do not harm your face, on the contrary, they have a lifting effect.

6. A cold shower is actually good for your hair.

Cold water narrows the pores on the scalp and seals the hair cuticle, which protects the skin and hair roots from dirt and sebum accumulation. At the same time, cold water makes hair shinier and stronger, and the scalp is rejuvenated. Activating blood circulation also stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair.

7. Cold showers relieve depression.

Studies show that dousing with cool water relieves symptoms of depression. Receptors on the skin that are affected by cold water send huge amounts of electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain. This has an anti-depressive effect, and also relieves fatigue, apathy, and improves mood.

cold showers

8. Cold showers are good for sleep.

Although a cold shower is considered an invigorating procedure, it also promotes healthy sleep and a quick fall asleep. And healthy sleep, as we understand it, is a beauty sleep. After all, the quality of sleep largely determines how attractive and young we look.

9. Cold showers are a pain reliever.

Cold showers are one of the famous techniques athletes use, it’s how they save themselves from muscle pain. Cold (and even icy) water can ease the recovery processes in the muscles after vigorous physical activity. Use this method, it works.

10. Cold showers give you self-confidence.

If you cope with doubts and feelings of discomfort, it will significantly increase your self-esteem. You will have more time, your self-discipline will give new strength and confidence. And self-confident women are ready to move mountains!

How to grow long hair in a week very quickly by 5, 10, 20 cm at home

Many girls are convinced that if you want to quickly grow hair in one week is possible. To do this, you need to use quality cosmetics for care, natural oils, follow your health. Lack of vitamins and diseases have a negative impact on the state of the hair.

On average, hair growth is only about 1.5 cm per month. Therefore, to get a luxurious braid will have to wait for about a year. If you want to increase the length faster, you can use home-made remedies and trichologist’s procedures.

Methods of positive effects on hair growth positive result

If you need to grow the locks of the head for a week or a month by 5, 10 centimeters, to get a long hair to the heels, apply a set of methods. Works well at home masks with natural oils, head massage, cosmetic manipulation. A combination of several procedures contributes to the rapid growth of hair, even in a month.

Activation of blood flow in the neck and head

Poor blood supply slows down the process of hair regrowth. The situation is corrected by physical training, manual therapy. If you do not deal with this issue, you may begin to have big problems with hair growth, up to baldness of the head.

Gymnastics and physical exercises

To increase the length of the strands in a short time, without building them up, you need to improve blood circulation with sports activities. They eliminate the problem and revitalize the body. There are several exercises that are done once or twice a day for 5 minutes.

 1.Tilt your head forward up to your chin, tilt it back.

 2.Turn your neck to the right/left as far as it will go.

 3.Turn your head first clockwise, then counterclockwise.

Let the hair dry on its own

Using a hair dryer can really mess up your strands. Blot them with a towel and leave them to dry naturally. You should not brush and rub wet hair, otherwise it will start to split, become brittle, and the growth will be slow.

Cosmetological procedures

The best way to grow a haircut on the head by 10 cm in a short time, for example, for a week or month, is to contact a trichologist. If you want to increase the hair length without any tools, oils, masks, you should use the d’Arsonval procedure. The procedure is performed with a special apparatus, which provides an influx of nutrients to the bulbs, activating them.

Ozone therapy is used if you need to grow your head hair by 3 cm in a week. The procedure stimulates the skin blood circulation, eliminates toxic substances. Ozone has a positive effect on the whole organism.

Growing hair by three cm in a month is done with mesotherapy. These are injections into the scalp that nourish the bulbs. Systematic procedures will increase hair growth by several centimeters, eliminate baldness.

Correct combing

Hair can’t grow by 3-4 cm in a month if you brush it every day. The ends will start to fray and break off. So you won’t be able to increase the length, even if you use quality hair care cosmetics.

It is desirable to have two types of combs: natural bristles and a wooden comb. Metal or plastic tools should not be purchased. They electrify the hair, and provoke hair cuts.

The tresses should be combed from the ends to the roots, so as not to harm them. If the hair is very long, one should tilt the head down, gather it in the middle and start the procedure. Combing is carried out until the tool slides smoothly over the hair.

Knots are untangled with a comb with wide teeth. Do not use a brush, because it can pull the strands out. It is recommended to use a special spray that facilitates combing.


If your hair grows by only 1 cm in a month, you need to change your diet. In order to have luxurious hair, the body should receive a sufficient amount of vitamin A, E, B, D, iron, magnesium, lecithin, omega-3. The menu should be varied for this purpose.

Rigid diets negatively affect the condition of the hair. A diet of red liver, meat, seafood, fish oil, olive oil is useful. It is necessary to consume cauliflower, nuts, vegetables, milk, cottage cheese.

Avoidance of alcohol

Scalp hair will not grow quickly if you regularly drink large amounts of alcohol. It thins the hair, makes them brittle, deprives them of shine. Not only the ends are damaged, but also the roots, so gradual baldness can begin.

Such negative reactions happen to the hair, because with the constant flow of alcohol into the bloodstream, the body does not have time to completely get rid of decay products. A lot of toxins accumulate. This can lead to blockage of the capillaries that provide nutrition to the bulbs.

Natural Home Masks for Hair

It’s not enough to take care of your health if you want to quickly get a braid to your knees. It is recommended to use masks with oils at least once a week. Homemade compositions based on folk recipes will accelerate the growth of scalp length at home in just 2 months. They are all-natural, and the necessary ingredients are always available.

Mask with honey and burdock oil

Using products from the refrigerator is a very effective way to grow long hair as quickly as possible. 


  • 3 tbsp. of burdock oil;
  • 2 egg yolks;
  • 1 tbsp. honey;
  •  Half a lemon.

Such a composition with burdock oil promotes the growth of long hair on the head. The remedy is used twice a week:

  1. combine liquid honey with oil, heat with the help of a microwave.
  2. add yolks, lemon juice, mix.
  3. rub mixture of oil into hair roots, distribute to hair length.
  4. after 30 minutes, rinse with water.

Mask with mustard and olive oil

Care should include products that improve circulation. Olive oil is useful. 


  • 2 tbsp. each of dry mustard, sugar, olive oil, warm water;
  • yolk.

The composition is very burning to the scalp due to the combination of mustard and oil, so it stimulates the blood rush. In this way it will be possible to increase hair growth by at least 2 cm in a month:

  1.  add water and oil to mustard.
  2.  add sugar, egg yolk and mix until smooth.
  3.  apply the mass with oil only to the roots of the hair, after 20 minutes rinse with cool water.

Yeast Mask

With regular use of this remedy is also possible rapid growth of hair by 20 cm at home in six months. Here oil is not required.


  • 1 tsp. of dry yeast;
  • 1 tbsp. each kefir, honey, milk.

The product contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is recommended to include it in the regular care of the hair on the head:

  1.  add the yeast to the milk, leave it to swell for an hour.
  2.  stir in the rest of the ingredients.
  3.  spply to the roots of the hair, cover with a towel.
  4.  rinse off after 45 minutes.
grow long hair

Daily scalp massage

This procedure is carried out when there is no possibility to grow hair in the salon, but you want to increase its length by 5 cm or more in a simple way. The massage improves blood flow, the hair follicles get more nutrition. You can do the procedure at home.

Several times you should stroke the area from the forehead to the back of the head, from the vertex to the auricles and back. You should massage with the palm of your hand, but do not press and do not rub the skin strongly. The procedure will relax the muscles.

Then make circular movements all over the head. The thumb serves as a support, while the others massage the skin in a clockwise direction. Each area is worked on for 5 – 10 seconds, then you need to move smoothly to the other. Include in the massage vibrating short movements from the top of the head to the back of the head. And in the end perform light tapping on the entire surface of the head. It is important not to allow discomfort.

Herbal decoctions

It takes less than 1 year to increase the growth of the haircut by 12 cm with the help of medicinal plants. To prepare a remedy according to folk recipes is simple. You need to brew 5 tbsp. herbs in boiling water, then infuse for 20 minutes.

Grow a haircut of 3 cm in a month can be achieved with nettles, yarrow herb, burdock, ivy, calendula, chamomile, dried hop cones. If the hair is relatively healthy, the effect is already visible even after the first day. Therefore, the procedure has the conditionality of rapid growth at home in one week by 20 cm.

Vitamins and trace elements

To an adult woman or girl-child to grow hair in 30 cm at home, it is recommended to take special complexes. Children 13 years and younger need to ask a doctor in advance. He will prescribe a suitable remedy.

Vitamins improve blood circulation and make up for the lack of micronutrients. Drugs need to drink a course, not a couple of days or two weeks. Hair growth of 4 cm is possible when taking the following vitamins:

  • Aevit;
  • Pentovit;
  • Complivit radiance;
  • Merz;
  • Alerana;
  • Pantovigar;
  • Perfectil.
  • Result

Schedule and patience

Lovers of beautiful curls have always wondered how long it will take to grow big hair. Increase the length by 10 cm overnight will not work. You will have to be patient, make masks for hair growth and watch your health.

Try to regularly watch videos with recommendations from professionals to learn about new beauty products and homemade formulations with oils and other means. Only a daily and systematic care will allow you to get luxurious hair.